CDX Pro Cruising Laminate Review

We have test sailed the new CDX Pro Polyester Cruising Laminate Mainsail, Headsail and Staysail from JPK Shipyard Lorient, France to German Bight.

I was keen to look into shapeholding and durablity compared to CDX Old that we have produced about 40,000 m2 and we were extremely happy with.

We sailed all 920 miles from Biskay through English Channel almost nonstop against the wind up to 27 knots true wind - perfect test conditions for boat and sails!!

Attached photo shows the mainsail after 920 miles upwind in partially rough conditions and reefed with still good shape. Fabric looks almost new condition except salt crust !!

Well done to Contender team - test successful and we stand behind the product. The CDX Pro seems to be a great development and is a perfect match between performance, durablity and price. We are happy to push this further for perfomance orientated cruisers or club racers.