Does SailSelect supply sprayhoods and biminis?

SailSelect is specialized in and focusses on sails. However, please ask our dealers for a recommended supplier.

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Why have I not heard of Rolly Tasker before?

Rolly Tasker Sails is focussing on production rather than sales and marketing. Their home markets are USA, Azia, Australia. SailSelect is distributor for Europe and only started in 2005.

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How does SailSelect manage to combine high quality and relatively modest price levels?

Rolly Tasker is based in Thailand, having relocated from Australia some 20 years ago. Thailand's chief advantages for manufacturing are lower labour and real estate costs, and taxation laws are different. In addition Rolly Tasker is one of the largest sailmakers in the world. Cloth - one of the key components in a sail's cost price - is purchased in huge quantities at discounted rates. Few in the industry can match Rolly Tasker's sheer purchasing power. High quality results from over 50 years experience in sailmaking, and from investing in the latest in computer- and lasertechnology. In addition SailSelect uses a low cost organization and distribution model. This way we are able to add value but keep the prices very competitive.

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Does SailSelect guarantee correct fitting of the sails?

Yes. SailSelect can be asked to measure the rig for you. Depending on the location a small fee may be applicable. Please contact the nearest dealer for information.

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Can I specify cloth brand and type?

This depends mostly upon stock, and you are welcome to state a preference. Rolly Tasker purchases massive quantities of the best cloths (by Contender, Dimension-Polyant, Bainbridge and Challenge), but does so with an eye for getting the best deal on your behalf. A high-tech racing laminate from one manufacturer may come at a lower negotiated price than that of a competitor. This cloth will then be purchased in high quantities. This flexible purchasing strategy is one of the ways Rolly Tasker manages to combine high quality and reasonable price levels. Please contact us for more information.

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What are the delivery times?

4-6 weeks after order confirmation and measuring your rig. It is frequently possible for us to add to an existing order, and for you to take delivery of your sails within a few weeks.

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Where are the offices of SailSelect based?

SailSelect has offices in many countries in Europe. Please look at 'Our locations' in the top menu for the available addresses. We can also ship the sails to a location of choice.

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What type of sails does SailSelect supply?

A full range, encompassing polyester/Dacron, Laminate and Membrane technologies, all finished to the highest standards. For boats ranging from 18'' to superyachts. And for certain traditional vessels such as gulets. In addition to working sails we supply spinnakers and gennakers in different cuts and optional easy-handling shutes/snuffers.

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How can I learn what type of sail serves my sailing needs best?

Sail choice depends on several factors including your type of sailing, type of yacht, sailing area, preferred handling characteristics and of course budget. We are here to help you in making the decisions that suit your sailing and budget.

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Do you supply coloured sails?

Yes. Mainsails and headsails can be ordered in colour at extra cost. Please ask about present cloth availability. Spinnakers and gennakers come standard in three colour schemes to choice. Full customisation is optional.

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Can I order a spinnaker shute, or sock/stripper?

A sock or shute or stripper is optional when ordering a spinnaker or gennaker. It is also available as a separate product.

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Wat is de standaarduitrusting van een zeil?

All sails come with tell-tales, flow-stripes, a leech line with cleats, stainless steel pressed cringes, aluminium top plate, standard battens, sail bands, and sail bag. For distinct sail models' specification please view the relevant webpages.

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